[thechat] Tuna, Texas

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Dec 20 14:47:04 CST 2004

Joel D Canfield noted:

>> Didi's Used Weapons 

>Oh my giddy aunt

>Do you know how much it hurts to snort fudge out your nose, 'specially
>with all them nuts in it?

Oh ... I think I have *some* idea! ... 

A '57 Strat indeed!! ... (Hmmm! I would have guessed her more to be 
a '63 fan ... she just seems to have that kind of taste! Ya know?!) 
I only hope I can find one on such short notice ... and with enough 
time to have some 'Dallas Cowboy' type star inlays installed in the 

(the irrepressible one)

<<Ouch! ... Dang-snab pecans!!!>>

P.S. -- I really think you would enjoy the play!  ;-)

P.P.S. -- I already found her a Martin version of that D'Addario 
acoustic strap quick release gizmo ... great little stocking stuffer!

... guess that means I'll be sleeping out on the porch again ... 


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