[thechat] 18% tip not legally required

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A few years ago, tax law changed to require waiters/waitresses to report
tips as untaxed income. There was a convoluted reporting process requiring
them to keep a daily diary of tips. 

The alternative to the daily diary was that employers could allocate a
percentage of all sales as tip income. What happened to a number of folks I
knew was that their employer allocated a higher percentage as unearned tip
income than what they actually received. 

My understanding is that's still a problem, but not enough of one for people
to fight it. People are usually well tipped in good restaurants and they
usually try to get a different job if they're working in a restaurant that
is bad enough to be undertipped.

I think the tax law may have been clarified since then and employees can opt
to keep a daily diary instead of accepting the employers allocation. Hard to
say - I'm not an accountant and I've never waited tables. 



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> Could you please explain that?
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