[thechat] Omigod the hatred...

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Sat Jan 8 13:19:41 CST 2005


I thought of blogging this, but I didn't do it because I didn't want to 
make a scene about this.

Short version:

There's a site called Asian Vegan which is a food blog I like to visit. 
They keep posting pictures of their food, much like I do. In one post 
(Exhibit A), I saw a spaghetti dish with a noticeable yellow cast to it. I 
thought I'd do some colour correction in Photoshop and show them the 
result. So I posted it back on their site (same post.)

Two days later I notice that there is a long vicious post about me on their 
site, accusing me of stealing their pics and that I shouldn't make 
judgements about their food etc. (Exhibit B) and there's a whole bunch of 
people joining in the chorus.

Exhibit A: 
http://asianvegan.blogspot.com/2005/01/spaghetti-asian-style.html (see my 
comment there)

Exhibit B: 

How can something as simple as doing some level adjustment in a picture go 
so wrong...?

Sorry, this drove me nuts for a while. Felt the need to rant.



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