[thechat] Omigod the hatred...

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sat Jan 8 14:03:56 CST 2005

> Two days later I notice that there is a long vicious post 
> about me on their 
> site, accusing me of stealing their pics and that I shouldn't make 
> judgements about their food etc. (Exhibit B) and there's a 
> whole bunch of 
> people joining in the chorus.

They're morons. Big. (Unless, of course, you're totally misrepresenting
the entire debacle and lying to us, but that seems pretty unlikely ;)

Most people don't want advice even if they *asked* for it. Offering
unsolicited advice is risky at best. It often leads to, well, this.

But they're still morons.

You sound professional and personable in your writing; they come off
sounding like jerky whiners. They're not worth wasting your neurons on,


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