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On 9 Jan 2005, at 16:22, javier velasco wrote:

>> Agreeing with your argument, however, on the above, despite the 
>> disclaimers, could everyone please resist the urge to cite their own 
>> local laws beyond its jurisdiction?
> Having just completed a course on "Cyberlaw" that focuses precisely in 
> these kind of topics, I can further clarify that the notion of "fair 
> use" is not particular to the US, but internationally accepted within 
> the Berne convention framework.

However, it hasn't been adopted into all signatory countries' national 
law, and where it has, it hasn't always been under the same definitions 
nor purposes.

And even if it were so, my point would still be valid as the comment 
pointed to US-specific law, not international convention - "It's so 
because US law says" rather than "because international law says"

> ..... as a sidenote, parody is also largely protected under fair use, 
> this makes it legal for SNL to use protected trademarks and logos all 
> over the show.

...in the US.


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