[thechat] Omigod the hatred...

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Jan 10 09:08:05 CST 2005

Hi Madhu,

Heh. Well ... I can certainly sympathize with how frustrating and 
infuriating this kind of thing can be.

[I once wasted some time trying to "educate" a group of Flat Earth Society 
members! ... We're talking some serious sociopaths is _that_ org! ... 
It got a bit intense. ... Tip: Don't bait the crazies!]


You spooked the herd.  

They don't "get" photography. (Although initially it sounded like that 
one guy was close to understanding the need to correct for reflected 

They don't "get" the web. (Of course, they're not actually alone in that 
regard. [Heck, some days I'm pretty far out in left field too!])

They may or may not "get" food. I don't have the chopsticks to comment there.

I think you just found one more inbred interstice on the web, dude ... 
there are a lot of those out there.

I would let it go.


(Hey! ... Where's Bob? ... IIRC Mr. Davis used to, from time to time, 
offer some really nice links to quality sites that let you chat about 
food and food related stuff [That knife link of his was waaaay cool!] 
... Anyway, I bet those sites might be better worth your time that this 

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