[thechat] IndiBloggies (was: Omigod the hatred...)

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Mon Jan 10 09:36:01 CST 2005

At 20:38 10/01/2005, Luther, Ron wrote:
>(Hey! ... Where's Bob? ... IIRC Mr. Davis used to, from time to time,
>offer some really nice links to quality sites that let you chat about
>food and food related stuff [That knife link of his was waaaay cool!]
>... Anyway, I bet those sites might be better worth your time that this

Yeah, Bob introduced me to E-Gullet, which I've been enjoying immensely 
since. Thanks, Bob. :)

I made the mistake of uploading that pic to ImageShack instead of my own 
site. Now I can't even take the image down. :(

I'm not bothered. I'm through trying to talk sense to them. Phan (a "she") 
just went off the deep end for some reason. Let her go to hell. (I was 
initially upset because someone accused me of stealing their content. I 
don't like being called a thief, that's all.)

On a different note, how do y'all feel about helping me rig the poll for 
the IndiBloggies? Both of my blogs have been nominated, so please vote for 
me. Details here:



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