[thechat] Omigod the hatred...

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Mon Jan 10 12:28:58 CST 2005


1. Having some experience in photography and digital imaging, you 
noticed what was clearly a yellow tungsten cast to one of the food 
photos. (so did I, as would most anyone)

2. Being a nice guy and fellow chef, you thought you'd do them a favor 
by providing them (free of charge, I might add) a color-corrected 
version of their photo (with their branding completely intact). I 
probably would've done the same.

3. You posted it to *their* blog so others could get a feel for how the 
colors of the finished dish *should* look. (nice gesture! had it been me 
on their end, I would have replaced the yellow image with yours)

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see anything wrong with your actions.

Maybe they were pissed about having egg on their faces from the bad 
photos. Perhaps a private email to them with the corrected photo 
attached might've helped them keep their cool about this.

But still, I see it simply as a kind gesture from one chef to another.

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