[thechat] Mac clipboard complaint and question

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Jan 19 19:50:16 CST 2005

Erik Mattheis wrote:
> I wonder how much time I have wasted removing text formatting over the
> years ... example: when you copy/paste something from a PDF or web page
> into an email it retains the text formatting and makes the email rich
> text. I cannot think of a single instance when I have been glad to see
> the formatting preserved. Does _anyone_ find this behavior useful?
> Is there a way to modify the clipboard so it forgets the formatting?

You could either:

- paste the text into an intermediary place before pasting it into
  an email message, i.e. Notepad, Textpad, SimpleText, etc., which
  should eliminate the rich text parts, or
- just use a MUA which will always send in plain text regardless of
  what you do in the message window :)

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