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On 19 Jan 2005, at 20:06, deacon wrote:

> When a neighbor calls the cops on a domestic dispute, two times out
> of three, the cops find a woman attacking a man.

...aaaaand you have reputable, citable sources for this, right, to 
elevate it above soundbite hearsay?

>> Well, it could be because there is a history of *very* strong
>> discrimination in the fields of science and engineering.
> I can testify to that. When I was in Chemical Engineering at UD, there
> were six fellas and one womanl. She not only got the *highest* offer,
> but she got seventeen of them; the six guys combined had eleven
> offers. The previous year, there were seven men and one woman. The
> highest offer that year went to a woman, too.

Of course we all know that anecdotes are sound statistically robust 

But as they're not, I'm going to join in the make it up to suit my 
point game and suggest that the structural barriers ensured that the 
one woman who made it that far was of a quality to make those offers 
entirely justifiable.

If you're going to come back and say "not in this case" then i'll point 
you to the the 'anecdotal evidence' clause above.

> But men are taught at their mother's knees that their only reason to
> exist is to support and serve.

I think you'll find that the women's movement would have something 
identical to say about girls.

> and
> as he grows up he learns that it's not proper to hit back when girls 
> hit
> him.

Actually, in our house, our sons are taught that it's not proper to hit 
back when *anyone* hits them. If we had daughters, t'would tbe the 

> As as adult, he learns that "if you play, you pay" - but only if you're
> male; females get a tax-free income stream for 18 years if the joy of
> sex turns fruitful.

The decline in which I think you can place firmly at the door of the 
women's movement, who might also have something to say about decades of 
unpaid domestic labour.


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