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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri Jan 21 13:53:27 CST 2005

deacon wrote:
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> Of the female jobs, how many of them require constant heavy 
> exertion? None of them. (Nursing requires turning a body once in a 
> while, but not constantly.)

Clearly you've never worked in a nursing environment, and "female jobs"?
Many male nurses would take dispute with your sweeping generalisation of
their career path.

> Of the female jobs, how many leave you clean enough to go to a 
> restaurant with tablecloths after work? All of them. 

Funny, my job does the same.  Am I a woman?

> Of the female jobs, how many are as physically dangerous as working 
> on scaffolding, or having drunk drivers aiming vehicles at you, or 
> operating sharp tools rotating at high speeds, or scooping snow off icy 
> sidewalks? None of them. 

What the hell are these "female jobs" you're alluding to?  I will wager
there are few jobs left that are solely the preserve of women to hold them,
and of those there will still be some that could conceivably present a
danger to life in the right (or wrong, I suppose) circumstances.

> Of the female jobs, how many typically require you to be away from 
> home overnight? None of them.

Fucking hell mate, you need a slap but hard.  Or do nurses, who you seem to
characterise as a 'women-only' career, not work night shifts where you are?
 My mother has worked as a mental health nurse for the last 30-odd years,
and night shift for around 25 of those.  Explain that, chauvinist-boy.

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