[thechat] Win FAT Repair Utility?

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Fri Jan 21 17:52:48 CST 2005

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Judah McAuley chimed in:
>>>Two quick things come to mind:
>>>fdisk /mbr  ... that writes a new master boot record and can fix file 
>>>allocation problems. It is non-destructive (unless you have a boot 
>>>sector virus).
> Hi Judah!
> Pretty close ... I think I read earlier today that you can't have a space 
> in that command. 

Nope, it definitely has a space in the command. See: 

Its a relatively undocumented command as I recall. I don't remember it 
showing up in the usage if you typed fdisk -h. Been years since I last 
used it though, so I cant' be sure.

>>>Look for an old copy of Norton Disk Doctor. 
> Oh wow! ... ;-) ... Cool! ... You got me good, dude ... I had 
> *completely* forgotten about that!  You are right!  That was a 
> pretty good utility.
> (Dang! I wouldn't have guessed you were old enough to 'member that!)

Just old enough. I cut my IT eye-teeth (as it were) when DOS 6.2 and Win 
3.1/3.11 were in force and Win 95 was about to make its entrance and the 
Mac OS was transitioning from 6.x to 7. Also got to see the retirement 
of the PDP 11 with core memory from the computing center. Fun times :)

NDD allowed me to be a hero to a number of people on campus. Amazing the 
promises you get from people when their masters thesis exists only on 
one floppy disk that has been rattling around their backpack for a year 
or two and has become corrupt.


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