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Sat Jan 22 14:26:01 CST 2005

On 22 Jan 2005 at 8:43, Martin Burns wrote:

> However, look at starting salaries for *qualified* commercial airline 
> pilots. A surprising number of them are on welfare...

It surprises me that *any* are on welfare. That doesn't mean I'm 
disputing your assertion, only that I'm expressing the surprise that you 
predict. I would have thought that the $15,000 - $20,000 mentioned in  
http://www.fool.com/community/pod/2000/000522.htm are pretty much 
the minimum. That's 2-3 times the maximum to receive welfare. 
> And was that West Wing story about the soldier on food stamps entirely 
> fictitious? (Don't know)

West Wing being fiction, yes. But there are soldiers on food stamps. 

"Of the military members receiving food stamps, 59 percent -- 
about 7,000 -- live on base and qualify for food stamps only 
because the Department of Agriculture does not take into account 
the family's forfeited Basic Allowance for Quarters -- the value 
of the housing -- as cash income.

"Only 0.3 percent of all active duty members live off base 
and receive food stamps, DoD officials said. These are primarily 
junior enlisted military members with larger than average 
-- http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Jan1997/n01171997_9701173.html

The MIL top level domain is US government, so I assume that these 
figures are correct. The author is Linda Kozaryn of the American 
Forces Press Services. 



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