[thechat] IPod Shuffle replacement

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Sun Jan 23 00:18:38 CST 2005

Hi guys.

I wanted very much to get an IPod Shuffle, so I told one of my friends who 
was visiting San Diego for a conference to get it for me. He says he looked 
around many of the retail stores (including an Apple shop) but they're all 
behind on stocks.

So it looks like getting one will be a problem.

Anyway, I have one more friend going to USA today for a week to San Jose. I 
guess I still won't be able to get the iPod Shuffle, but I want a light 
portable MP3 player that I can take to the gym which doesn't cost the earth 
(~ $100 please) and I only want around 512 MB - 1 GB of space on it.

Is there any *other* Flash card MP3 player that you might recommend in its 
place so my friend can get that instead?

Any help appreciated.



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Madhu Menon
Shiok Far-eastern Cuisine
Indiranagar, Bangalore

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