[thechat] IPod Shuffle replacement

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Tue Jan 25 09:12:14 CST 2005

Most of the flash memory players with 256 - 512 MB seem to average
between $100 - $150 USD.

I have an RCA Lyra thing that my mom gave me that only holds 64MB. The
other downside is that with this one, I *have* to use MusicMatch to
transfer tunes to it. Sucks.

Flash memory players might not be a bad way to go since you can make
them any size a memory card will hold.

Alan McCoy
http://www.coingo.net/freeapple - Free Mac stuff

> Anyway, I have one more friend going to USA today for a week to San 
> Jose. I guess I still won't be able to get the iPod Shuffle, but I 
> want a light portable MP3 player that I can take to the gym which 
> doesn't cost the earth (~ $100 please) and I only want around 512 MB - 
> 1 GB of space on it.
> Is there any *other* Flash card MP3 player that you might recommend in 
> its place so my friend can get that instead?

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