[thechat] Duck Bucketing --- wuz Something Really Silly

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jan 26 15:28:45 CST 2005

RonL said:

> A thousand pardons Messieur Nagrom ...
>     ... I had thought you were the keeeedding weeth me!!

> Wow! What a cool sport!


whelp, [gulp]

it's been a good 25 years since i've handled a duck-bucket (i'm 31 now, i'll 
leave the math to those of you with degrees), but i'm not surprised at all 
to see the sport has evolved beyond vacationing in Maine.

we also used to play "hold the gardner snake til he bites you with his gums"
which always ended with "freak out and whip it off into the woods"

ron, your pultizer-worthy email stirred some memories in me, got me 

another sport that i think is way past being in the spotlight
(and an entirely trans-gender sport at that):

my wife plays whack-a-mole with blood-curdling accuracy.
ten moles pop-up, ten moles go down:
"ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! the very disturbed but pretty lady 
on the end! you can put down the whacker now ma'am...."

i'm not kidding, i've never seen anything like it.
sometimes we make one of our own kids play too, so we don't feel as bad when 
the others kid run away screaming in horror.

then she kind of goes into this clint eastwood thing:
she: "here's your teddy-bear kid"
me: "uhhh, do you ever miss?"
she (spits, then pauses): "sometimes..."

you think being escorted out of a casino is bad, try being escorted out of a 
carnival with 5 shopping carts full of purple stuffed animals.

i've googled, but can't seem to find any whack-a-mole contests to, uhhh, 
force her to participate in.

there are several duck-bucketing leagues, but it might be tough for the 
"older crowd". once you're too old for the "juniors" you're stuck trying to 
make headway against the "seniors", who tend to take their feather dusting 
very seriously.
guys like:
"Wild" Bill Snapper
"Flap" Jack McGack
Ron "Grab-the-Gizzard" Luther


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