[thechat] Duck Bucketing --- wuz Something Really Silly

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 27 09:28:10 CST 2005

Little Elfur Logadóttir, from somewhere North of the World, wrote in:

>>OMG thank you Ron, My stommach hurts from all the laughing.

Hi Elfur!

Ah. Thank *you* ... for the very kind words! ;-)

>>Oh and remember to take me ducking when I finally get to Texas, hokay?


... later we'll throw some steaks on the grill (Man! I *really* have 
to find some time to clean that thing!) ... toss back some of my wife's 
'magic' margueritas ... and swap ducking stories!


(Come to think of it ... I've only heard rumors about 'ice ducking' 
... it would be nice to finally talk to someone who knows about 
that stuff!)

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