[thechat] Duck Bucketing --- wuz Something Really Silly

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 27 13:29:05 CST 2005

That magnificent chef, Madhu Menon, asked:

>>Do you have a Tequila brand called Camino over there, Ron? 
>>What's your opinion of it?

Hi Madhu!

Given the demographics here in Houston, you might, quite naturally, 
expect us to have quite a variety of Tequilas to choose from!

... And ... You'd be right! 

"Spec's" is a local liquor store chain here that probably has the 
best selection:

Entering 'Tequila' in their 'search for product' text box returns 200 
(Holy Mackeral! ... uh ... I mean 'Holy Trout' ... 200!) different 
brands and sizes ... ranging from about $12 for a 750ml bottle to over 
$200 for a 750ml bottle of Patron Gran Platinum!  [There is even a 
tequila sucker (sort by price to put it at the bottom or top of the 
list) ... Gee! I guess _that_ would keep junior quiet!]

... but I don't see any 'Camino' ... This stuff here?

I haven't tried it. ... At home, we generally go with the standard 
'Jose Cuervo Especiale'. That runs about $33 for the big bottle with 
the handle on it.

Now ... I'm certainly no ... Catador! 

(Heh! ... I'll bet many of you didn't know there was a special word for 
that! A 'Catador' is an expert in tequilas the way a 'Sommelier' is an 
expert in wines!) 

(I was gonna say "connoisseur" instead of "expert" - but I couldn't figure 
out how to spell it!)

... so, basically, I don't really have a recommendation ... IIRC, I think 
I've heard some good things about 'Cazadores' ... and (I believe) there 
is some new 'fancy' brand being made here in Texas that I've been meaning 
to try ... but I can't seem to remember the name of it ... there might 
have been some hubbub where they had to call it a 'mezcal' or an 'agave' 
instead of a 'tequila' for some screwy technicality ... maybe Bob or Dex 
have more info.

Just for fun, here is a site dedicated to 'sipping tequilas':

BTW ... I've been meaning to ask ... your 'apple pear mousse cake' 
seen here: http://www.madmanweb.com/gallery/food/aab ... looked 
absolutely scrumptious! Any chance we can coerce a recipe and some 
'dummy' instructions out of you ... so some of us could have a go 
at it?



(Mmmmmm ... tequila and desserts! ... *I'm* done for the day!)

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