[thechat] Coconino?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 11 15:32:53 CST 2005

Nagrom asked:

>>allright, I'll bite.
>>what do you put in a room to make it "Coconino-style"?

Hmmmm ... a couple of bricks? ... A "lil' angel"? ... the 
'desertiest of dames'?  So many options! So little wallspace!

Sorry for the lag time. I've been busy sending 'thank you' notes to 
my guardian angels ... (Maggie, Trixie, Lou, all the rest of the gang 
down at the Broken Halo) ... 

Had a spot of trouble with my truck last weekend:

Something called a 'guide bolt'(?) kinda fell off my truck while I 
was coming home from the zoo last Saturday. 

(Apparently these things do fairly important stuff like hold your 
disk brake calipers in place ... not good things to lose.)

Anyway ... the caliper slid up against the rim and sliced it up pretty 
good ... okay ... maybe a bit more than 'pretty good' ... my passenger 
front tire went flat ... no damage at all to the tire mind you - all 
the air leaked out through the holes the caliper sliced in my rim!

Sorted now ... but the family has taken to calling me "Lucky"! 


Why ... It's almost enough to inspire ... 'religious conversion'!

Soooooooooo ... towards that end ... I've been giving serious thought 
to becoming ... a "Frisbeetarian" ...

[It's a select group of individuals who believe that, after death, their

souls take flight and ... SOAR! ... well ... that is ... until they 
eventually get stuck on the neighbor's roof!]



<Really really horrid beer/math/music joke ... so I just *had* to

Did you hear that Samuel Adams started playing the drums?

Yup ... I hear he's got a pretty decent Lager-Rhythm!


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