[thechat] Joel's Ireland photos, round 1 of 367

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Feb 16 10:13:19 CST 2005

Joel D Canfield mumbled over his Guiness:

>>So much for the common US perception of Irish winters, eh?

Hmmm! Could it be that they have been intentionally "putting on 
'the Mick'" in order to keep the good stuff for themselves? 

...... I grok!

>>Moving as soon as it makes sense, really we are. 

Whoa! ... Follow your dream, pal! ... Oh! ... and always carry a 
long-scale bass!

>>I kept getting the feeling that a moderately determined 'back to
>>type could live a fairly simple life without the hassle it would be
>>in California. We're pretty simple folk, and raising my own food for
>>most part, fixing my own stuff, doing for me and mine, is a really 
>>appealing and totally feasible idea. 

Hey, if that works for you ... then thats 'a good thing' (TM)!  ;-)

I understand ... (to a limited extent) ... I really dug the time I spent

up in rural BFN, Minnesota. I especially miss the 'stress
I don't think I've ever been that relaxed since.

However, 'fixing stuff' is not a strong part of my lexicon ... and wifey

grew up on a farm ... so she has no interest at all is going back to
... so we'll continue looking at lake properties instead. (Gonna check 
out some interesting 'hill country' options this weekend!)

However, (given the better transportation options from that nice rail 
system and all), perhaps it would be less isolated from 'big city 
amenities' over there than it is here.

>>I also have a pretty good shot at living part time in Cali on my real 
>>estate earnings, and spending the rest of the year in Eire.

Definitely one of the more bizarre commutes I've heard of ... an 
'emerald bird' instead of a 'snow bird', eh?  

Somehow it seems to suit you though!

>>one way or another, we'll be living there as soon as we can, if for no

>>reason but the fact that we both cried when we left . . . 

Hey! ... When it's 'right' ... it's 'right'!  Congrats!


(Be warned! ... I have already started asking local distributors when 
they will start carrying 'Hearts Entwined' brand single malts! It better

be good!)

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