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Fri Feb 18 10:39:12 CST 2005

'Cowboy' Bob Davis rustled up some words:

>>There's a nice hospital too - which is what scares me most about 
>>being way out. I see every chainsaw or hatchet accident I've ever 
>>seen and think about how far away I am from a hospital... scary!


Sorry. I had to chuckle there. That's always the first objection 
my wife brings up too!... not so much from an emergency perspective 
... but we're looking at this as a place to retire to ... and 
you want to be close to 'good' medical care and have some options.

>>Listen to her - she's smart.

Yup!    ;-)    (It's a good thing *one* of us is!) 

<Scarlett voice: "I have always relied on the smartness of others!" />

Being in a 'one doctor' town doesn't give you many options if you 
don't see eye to eye with that doctor! You want good people, good 
equipment, good specialists. That's not always available if you are 
'too far out'.

I spent a lot of time growing up in BFN - with the nearest (small 
town / old school) hospital being about 125 miles away.  Hmmmm ... 
that may explain why I was so closely supervised when I was playing 
with the chain saws as a kid!  (OTOH, they'd just turn me loose 
with the axe or the sickle ... go figger. Heh.)

Uh oh. Oh crap. Bob? It suddenly dawned on me what hospital you are 
talking about. I think I know two of the Docs there. They moved up 
there from Houston for a reason. On the plus side, I think they 
will be moving away again shortly.  If you end up in that area, or 
if I hear they are heading to San Antone, I'll send you names 

[On qualifying for the aggie exemption]

>>5 geese will do it, from what I hear. 

Geese?  Gee. I dunno.  I've heard the horror stories of duck 
bucketers accidentally going after a goose ... pretty gruesome.

{I also have some unpleasant history involving geese. <shudder />}

I know some folks doing the Emu thing down here ... they might cut 
me a deal. And I _guess_ I could learn how to pinion a duck - how 
hard could *that* be? ... Hmmm ... You know what would be cool? 
Falcons! Raising Peregrins would be cool - and they are native 
to Texas! I doubt they would qualify as 'livestock' - but that 
would rock!

>>[paraphrased] Moo, Baa, Oink ...

Okay. Excellent point. There _are_ other options besides cattle. 
I'll have to find the rules or someone who really knows the rules 
and check that out.  I don't think I have the '4H/FFA' gene - but 
there may be some 'exotic' options I could deal with. 

... Herd of Elephants? ... Why, of course I've heard of Elephants!

I'll keep my eyes open. I know I couldn't deal with cotton or rice 
or peanuts ... Hey! ... What about pecans? ... I could deal with 
having a few dozen pecan trees - having someone in once a year 
to vacuum the little boogers up! {Obviously I have NFI how people 
'harvest' pecans - but I think I will ask a few questions. Keep 
them options open.}

>>A Lotus Elise with a cattle guard? Now that'd be something to see. 

Heh. I tell ya ... the _instant_ ... The _instant_ I hit that send 
key I had this vision of a mud-bespattered Elise, sliding sideways, 
engine revving freely, windows down, some upbeat jazz cranked up 
on the stereo ... and you behind the wheel, in a dusty cowboy hat, 
grinning like a mad chef, shouting at the cattle, dancing on the 
pedals, and slamming a downshift while working the wheels this way 
and that ... You looked like you were having a heck of a good time!

... Some kind of 'rodeo rallye' no doubt!


(Who, for one, salutes our new rancher overlords!)

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