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Bob Davis bob at bobdavis.org
Fri Feb 18 11:25:19 CST 2005

I don't even know where to start....

The hospital is Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital in Kerrville. I hear 
it's pretty nice.

Sliding around in mud is a blast!

Doing it in an elise would be awesome.... but ... you know, I've always 
wanted to take one of these out in the dirt... just for a few 
minutes... just to hear it...

Lancia Stratos : http://www.rallycars.com/Cars/Lancia/Stratos1.html

I don't know if I fit inside though..


On Feb 18, 2005, at 10:39 AM, Luther, Ron wrote:

> 'Cowboy' Bob Davis rustled up some words:
>>> There's a nice hospital too - which is what scares me most about
>>> being way out. I see every chainsaw or hatchet accident I've ever
>>> seen and think about how far away I am from a hospital... scary!
> ;-)
> Sorry. I had to chuckle there. That's always the first objection
> my wife brings up too!... not so much from an emergency perspective
> ... but we're looking at this as a place to retire to ... and
> you want to be close to 'good' medical care and have some options.
>>> Listen to her - she's smart.
> Yup!    ;-)    (It's a good thing *one* of us is!)
> <Scarlett voice: "I have always relied on the smartness of others!" />
> Being in a 'one doctor' town doesn't give you many options if you
> don't see eye to eye with that doctor! You want good people, good
> equipment, good specialists. That's not always available if you are
> 'too far out'.
> I spent a lot of time growing up in BFN - with the nearest (small
> town / old school) hospital being about 125 miles away.  Hmmmm ...
> that may explain why I was so closely supervised when I was playing
> with the chain saws as a kid!  (OTOH, they'd just turn me loose
> with the axe or the sickle ... go figger. Heh.)
> <pause>
> Uh oh. Oh crap. Bob? It suddenly dawned on me what hospital you are
> talking about. I think I know two of the Docs there. They moved up
> there from Houston for a reason. On the plus side, I think they
> will be moving away again shortly.  If you end up in that area, or
> if I hear they are heading to San Antone, I'll send you names
> offlist.
> </pause>
> [On qualifying for the aggie exemption]
>>> 5 geese will do it, from what I hear.
> Geese?  Gee. I dunno.  I've heard the horror stories of duck
> bucketers accidentally going after a goose ... pretty gruesome.
> {I also have some unpleasant history involving geese. <shudder />}
> I know some folks doing the Emu thing down here ... they might cut
> me a deal. And I _guess_ I could learn how to pinion a duck - how
> hard could *that* be? ... Hmmm ... You know what would be cool?
> Falcons! Raising Peregrins would be cool - and they are native
> to Texas! I doubt they would qualify as 'livestock' - but that
> would rock!
>>> [paraphrased] Moo, Baa, Oink ...
> Okay. Excellent point. There _are_ other options besides cattle.
> I'll have to find the rules or someone who really knows the rules
> and check that out.  I don't think I have the '4H/FFA' gene - but
> there may be some 'exotic' options I could deal with.
> ... Herd of Elephants? ... Why, of course I've heard of Elephants!
> I'll keep my eyes open. I know I couldn't deal with cotton or rice
> or peanuts ... Hey! ... What about pecans? ... I could deal with
> having a few dozen pecan trees - having someone in once a year
> to vacuum the little boogers up! {Obviously I have NFI how people
> 'harvest' pecans - but I think I will ask a few questions. Keep
> them options open.}
>>> A Lotus Elise with a cattle guard? Now that'd be something to see.
> Heh. I tell ya ... the _instant_ ... The _instant_ I hit that send
> key I had this vision of a mud-bespattered Elise, sliding sideways,
> engine revving freely, windows down, some upbeat jazz cranked up
> on the stereo ... and you behind the wheel, in a dusty cowboy hat,
> grinning like a mad chef, shouting at the cattle, dancing on the
> pedals, and slamming a downshift while working the wheels this way
> and that ... You looked like you were having a heck of a good time!
> ... Some kind of 'rodeo rallye' no doubt!
> RonL.
> (Who, for one, salutes our new rancher overlords!)

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