Hill Country - was Re: [thechat] Joel's Ireland photos, round 1of367

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 18 16:15:18 CST 2005

'Fun Car' Aficionado Bob Davis noted:

>>Sliding around in mud is a blast!

+1!  ;-)

(Mud and sand are both fun ... but I think I like dirt the best.)

>>Doing it in an elise would be awesome.... but ... you know, I've
>>wanted to take one of these out in the dirt... just for a few 
>>minutes... just to hear it...
>>Lancia Stratos : http://www.rallycars.com/Cars/Lancia/Stratos1.html

Whoa!  Excellent choice!  ;-)

Yeah, that would be some serious 'smiles per mile'!

>>I don't know if I fit inside though..


... Yeah, Bertone had a 'thing' for teeny interiors in the 70's.


(Who once managed to squeeze in ... to test drive an X1/9 ... and 
had to be physically pulled out of the car without driving it ... 
'cuz it was just way too small for me.    ;-(

Left knee tight against the door. Right knee tight against the 
center column. Both knees touching? ... No, this ain'ta gonna 

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