[thechat] anyone else get a gmail invite yesterday?

David Wagner medialyte at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 16:20:56 CST 2005

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 00:30:34 +0530, Madhu Menon <chef at shiokfood.com> wrote:

> I already have an account, but apparently I signed up to be notified of its
> progress earlier in its life, so they sent me one.
> Now I only have to figure out what to do with my 50 spare invites. :)

It certainly appears that they're in the process of opening to the
public, what with the 6 invitations (that kept reproducing!) turning
into 50. I couldn't even think of 6 people who might be interested
(and didn't already have an account) -- now I feel like I should be
spamming the world.

So -- anyone still looking for a gmail account? After Madhu finishes
distributing his, that is...


David Wagner 
medialyte at gmail.com

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