[thechat] Joel's Ireland photos, round 1 of 367

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Feb 21 11:59:18 CST 2005

> >>Moving as soon as it makes sense, really we are. 
> Whoa! ... Follow your dream, pal! ... Oh! ... and always carry a 
> long-scale bass!

did some serious jonesing during my month with *no stringed instruments
of any kind.* bought a tin whistle (Guinness logo on a black whistle :)
but next time, my acoustic bass goes along.

> However, (given the better transportation options from that nice rail 
> system and all), perhaps it would be less isolated from 'big city 
> amenities' over there than it is here.

it's just *so* different from the US. here, if you're anywhere far
enough out to call 'rural', you're just too far from the hospital, a
decent restaurant, the amenities. what I saw of Co. Kerry, you could
live pretty darn remote, and be in Killarney in 20 minutes.

> (Be warned! ... I have already started asking local distributors when 
> they will start carrying 'Hearts Entwined' brand single 
> malts! It better be good!)

hmmm . . . probably have to wait for Fiona to grow up to release our own
whiskey; however, a nice full-bodied red, with a distinct sweet roasted
malt flavour and a hoppy afterbite - that I can do ;)

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