[thechat] Anti-Post: Localized TV ads

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Feb 24 10:30:30 CST 2005

Hmmm ... My last post was perilously close to being 'off topic' 
here at thechat.

So here is an 'anti-post'!  ;-)


I was watching network television last night ... and I saw yet another 
(localized for regional consumer preferences) vehicle advertisement. 

[This time one of the "Ford *is* ... Best in Tex-as!" variety.]

Suddenly ... I started wondering if other markets have to put up with 
this crap.  Do viewers in southern Germany have to put up with some 
shill in lederhosen proclaiming that <cue Polka band /> "Yah, yah ... 
Mercedes ist Best in Deutschland!"?

I asked my wife.

I got "the look".

Hmmm ... In Texas we get a lot of truck commercials ... (Gee. Imagine 
that.) ... A number of which feature country music stars ... Toby Keith 
pushing Ford ... Terry Clark singing for Dodge ... 

How does that kind of thing surface in the rest of the world?  Do
and Sir Paul sing about Jaguar being "Best in Devonshire"?  Bono
for Land Rover?

Taking the global view ... 


(Noting with alarm that if a post and an anti-post collide in cyberspace

... obviously, they annihilate and completely obliterate each other ... 
However ... the 'nothing' created by that collision ... that 'nothing' 
may actually manifest itself in evil ways ... say as a Jessica Simpson 
MP3 suddenly appearing on a P2P network somewhere! Scary stuff!)

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