[thechat] Road Trip in US

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 25 08:37:56 CST 2005

David Wagner suggested:

>>If I ever travel to Wisconsin again, I'll go to the House on the Rock.

Hi David,

Whoa! Neat! Looks like an interesting place!

(Gee! - Beats my Cheese-head suggestion all to heck ... I was gonna
up Bloomer, Wisconsin: "The Jump Rope Capital of the World!" as being
in the neighborhood - but I'm not sure its interesting enough to drive
miles out of the way for!)

IIRC, Wisconsin was the last US State to build an InterState highway. 
Soooooo, back in the day, if you drove through Wisconsin ... you drove 
through a bazillion small towns like Black River Falls, Osseo, Baraboo, 
Chippewa Falls, Rice Lake, Spooner, Minong, ... (each with one traffic 
light and one Dairy Queen). It was like turning back the clock. The vibe

was very 50's.

This had it's pluses and minuses. On the 'up' side, a number of these 
small towns featured the kind of 'cheesy' (sorry, couldn't resist) 
road-side attractions that you pretty much only see in nostalgia books 
these days. Some of those may still be around -- if you like that kind 
of thing.

On the down side, however, the secondary roads didn't offer much in the 
way of passing, so you often 'got stuck' (day or night) driving behind 
a large convoy of slow moving Winnebagos.  ;-(

Hey Roger, it takes you a 'scosh' out of your way ... but it might be
to take 'the long way' back ... scoot over through Menominee Falls and 
Escanaba, up thru Manistique, and then down to the Michigan U.P. through

the Straits of Mackinaw ... that's supposed to be an *extremely* pretty 
drive.  [Either 'coast' of the mitten should be neat ... Presque Isle on

the East ... Traverse City on the West.]

(I'd like to do that in the fall some time.)




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