[thechat] another kelsey!

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Mar 3 16:32:07 CST 2005

ron replied with:

> Proud-Poppa Morgan Kelsey proclaimed:

>>yep, we did *it* again....

> I _wondered_ what all that racket was!

i *thought* that urse had a mustache....

>>Jasper Morgan Kelsey was born Feb. 18th
>>8lbs. 7oz.
> Whoa! ... Now *that's* a deliverable!   ;-)

yeah, good thing they "induced" her. 
bugger would have been 9-10 lbs if
she went full term!!!

>>here's all three of my lovely little boogers: 
>>Mason, Jillian and Jasper

> Cute little monkeys ... <aside>obviously they take after their
> mother!</aside>

hey, i resemble that remark....

> <raises glass>
> A Toast! 
> ... Some Jam! 
> ... And ... a Jelly Donut! 
> Oh Hell, a Round of jelly donuts!
> (Well d'uh, of course jelly donuts are round.)

watch it luther, i saw enough jelly doughnuts in that delivery room to 
last me for a while....

> I like cheese.
> <despite objections /me gets back in line for another glass>

no butting!!!

> RonL.
> (Bedecked in 'Western splendor' today ... for the rodeo tonight.)
> http://www.hlsr.com/

you say "ro-day-o", doncha....heh


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