[thechat] another kelsey!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Mar 4 12:54:35 CST 2005

Morgan Kelsey wandered about these early sleep-deprived nights and

>>i *thought* that [n]urse had a mustache....

Oh well ... at least it wasn't my Eliza Doolittle routine selling
in the hallway, ("Penny for a pincher, 'Mum?"), that gave me away ... 
this time, anyway!

> <despite objections /me gets back in line for another glass>
>>no butting!!!


>>you say "ro-day-o", doncha....heh

Yo! ... Like ... No way, dude! ... That would be strictly Cali-for-ya! 

[Although ... Neil McCoy *did* make a few attempts to get everyone 
to sing "The Banana Boat Song" with him last night! ... "DAAAAY-O!"]  


and speaking of Cali ... Mr. Joel noted:

>>>more! have more! fill the neighborhood! create your own baseball

Good Grief! ... Any more gnomes and nagrom is gonna need a bigger


(Reminding one and all that recent studies have shown that it is, in 
fact, true what the sled dogs say ... 

... "There's no place like Nome!")

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