way fridayness (was RE: [thechat] another kelsey!)

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Fri Mar 4 17:36:34 CST 2005

70 and sunny?!?! sure, you laugh now, but wait 'til August

when it'll be 105 here, too

never mind

What's Ireland's national anthem?

> out how to simultaneously:
> 	- play t-ball with his grandson in the backyard tonight
> 	- beat up a six string
> 	- swing a wedge against some 'practice' balls
> Hmmmmmmmm ... could be tricky!  I think I need more alcohol to 
> facilitate synergistic process enrichment!)

yeah; half dozen shots of Cazadores, and you can use the six-string to
smack golf balls off the T-ball tee.

Couple shots for the grand-offspring, and he'll probably think you're
doing it right . . .

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