[thechat] Announcing Icevolt 2.005

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Mar 8 11:22:44 CST 2005

Hey guys,

As some of you might have heard about already I've finally managed to make
the decision to host the next Evolt.Con in the summer of 2005.

Consider this a formal announcement of the happening, but further
announcement will surely emerge when we close in on the date.

What: Evolt.Con 2.005 (#5), aka. Icevolt

Where: Reykjavík, Iceland

When: July 1st - July 3rd

I've arranged for us to meet at the Association of Chartered Engineers in
Iceland where we will have the conference and the pubmeeting afterwards
(because, believe me, you do not want to go to the pub at 18.00 in Iceland,
that would mean you would file for bankruptcy at 8.30pm rather than 2.00am
:) I plan to offer beer and other drinking material at the best possible
price in Iceland - from your own tax free allowance :) The second best being
direct purchase from importer.

Is yet to be decided. In order for me to try to figure that one out I'll
need some knowledge on who's coming or who's hoping to come. 

Travelling details:
There are two airlines that travel to Iceland:
Icelandair, from numerous locations on both sides of the Atlantic, and
Iceland Express, from London, Copenhagen and Hahn Germany (near Frankfurt)
Further information re. Flights can be found on their websites
http://icelandair.com and http://icelandexpress.com

Please let me know if you're interested before March, 20st so I can figure
out a hosting plan at a reasonable price.

*the Icelandic one*

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