[thechat] Evolt icq?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Mar 10 08:58:35 CST 2005

|:.From: John Handelaar
|:.William Anderson wrote:
|:.> Luther, Ron wrote:
|:.>>Hmmmm ... Any clue whether on not I can get into that 
|:.using something 
|:.>>called "jabber"?
|:.> No.  

In addition to all this wonderful advice the guys have given you, I want to
poke my head in the door on this one.
If you're thinking about using one tool for all your PM-ing as well as
ircing ... And as John mentioned, the jabber irc experience isn't a nice
one, I'd like to offer Trillian http://trillian.cc. That's the tool I use
for irc (with *very* pleasant experiences - although most of the time that
has nothing to do with the tool used) as well as icq and other pm
thingamajics[1] that are needed 

HTH elfur

[1] sorry, this is my favorite word atm, hopefully you'll understand it :)

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