[thechat] Re: [theforum] 9th time and 3rd week of asking: Final DataHandover schedule

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Sun Mar 20 12:03:10 CST 2005

william wrote:
> OK, can we all shut the [edit]fark[/edit :-)] up about this, 
> because Jeff very kindly mailed
> me a URL to a 59 meg zip file with all ze stuff in it at 0409 UTC this
> morning -

hip-farkin' hooray!
thank $deity it's over.

now i'll tell you all the reason -- 
i'm gonna be in portland april 6-12, and jeff
was terrified i was gonna plug his butt full
of cubes -- his military might and extra 50 pounds
against my, uhhh, NYC survival-combat-training.

but seriously folks, anyone in the area up for a beervolt?
(i guess i'll copy thechat too)

let's get together and remember why we like
each other...


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