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> As a client? Or running as a server? (I used to run
> fetchmail/SpamAssassin/UWash IMAP locally to get and spamcheck mail  
> from an external pop server)

As a client.

> Generally, I'd caution against heuristic methods - you're
> then manually  
> taking part in an arms race. Statistical methods are less 
> work and give  
> very very good results.
>  From my DSPAM:
> Performance Statistics
> Your spam filtering accuracy is	99.891% since last reset
> Your false positive rate is	5.922% since last reset
> Your overall accuracy is	96.982% since last reset
> See
> http://www.easyweb.co.uk/Members/martin/blog/Blog_Post.2004-08 
> - -11.8452654600 for more

An interesting article. I also did some reading on the DSPAM site. It
looks retty good, although I would imagine it's a little comlex to set
up for the owner of the Mac in question. There are also some links on
the DSPAM site to other filter software that I plan to follow up on when
I have a few spare moments.

Thanks for the response.


Chris Marsh 

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