[thechat] Simple Blog // Ski-Fish Questions

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Apr 5 11:20:33 CDT 2005

Hi Gang,

Any recommendations for 'simple' blog software?  (MySQL4 backend. 
Probable preference for PHP4, although Python or Perl would be okay 
I guess.) I don't think I'm looking for a whole lot of functionality 
... (Drupal may be overkill for my meager little site) ... just 
looking for something simple and easy to install and configure before 
trying to roll my own.

Since that's "OT" ... I'll ask if we have any stink boaters on the list.

I'm thinking of maybe joining the ranks ... taking the kids and

Any tips on water skiing / wake boarding?  
Recommendations for 'total beginner' gear?
Tips on driving for skiiers/boarders? I've heard "get up to 20-22 
QUICKLY and hold it there and keep it straight" ... but that's pretty 
much the sum total of my training for driving a ski boat. Right? Wrong? 
Close enough?

Any (large mouth) bass fisherfolk out here?  [I used to do a lot of 
walleye fishing, (about a million years ago), but I don't know much 
about bass gear/techniques.]  Spinners? Rapalas? Old-skool kicking 
frogs? Tips/Links/Fish Stories would be appreciated.



(Wake boarding at *your* age?  Whattareyou ... Nuts?)
{Grumble grumble ... Can't let the dang kids have ALL the fun!!}

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