[thechat] Simple Blog // Ski-Fish Questions

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Apr 5 13:06:44 CDT 2005

> Any tips on water skiing / wake boarding?
> Recommendations for 'total beginner' gear?

How about a stretcher with bouys on it,
 and a waterproof defibrillator?

> Tips on driving for skiiers/boarders? I've heard "get up to 20-22
> QUICKLY and hold it there and keep it straight" ... but that's pretty
> much the sum total of my training for driving a ski boat. Right? Wrong?
> Close enough?

"If you have no way of calling for help, you may have to get the casualty 
back to dry land.  If you have no choice and need to move a casualty with a 
neck injury back to dry and, do so very slowly. "

well, you'll certainly find out which kids got dad's brains, eh?
my money is on those who decide to watch from the shore a bit first....


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