[thechat] Simple Blog // Ski-Fish Questions

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Apr 6 11:30:10 CDT 2005

Morgan Kelsey, apparently aware of how many Texas Bubba's final words 
were "Hey Y'all! ... Watch THIS!!" while operating various kinds of 
motorized toys, suggested:

>>How about a stretcher with bouys on it, and a waterproof

Actually ... I used to date a woman who broke her hip water skiing on 
a lake about 90 minutes from my office ... It's not easy to do - but it 
happens sometimes.


Decent link! ;-)

>>"If you have no way of calling for help ...

Yeah ... Wifey has been suggesting a VHF radio as a 'must have'. It's
not a 
bad idea ... it just hadn't been on my list since I wasn't planning to
salt water. Hmmm ... Looks like even some entry level units support DSC
receive NOAA weather alerts!  Okay, I guess that IS a pretty decent

A decent GPS unit, however, IS on my list as a 'must have'.  (Ever spent

12 hours out on a lake with a bazillion stupid islands that all look
I don't EVER want to worry about 'which way is back?'!)

Hmmm ... I'll have to take a look at the difference between 'separate'
'combination' units!

>>well, you'll certainly find out which kids got dad's brains, eh? 

As a wise Igor once said, "Yeth thur! That would be my thister ... Thee 
keeps them in jarth on the mantle!"



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