[thechat] Adobe to buy Macromedia

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Apr 18 07:52:07 CDT 2005

Chris Spruck wrote:
> This just in - "Adobe to buy Macromedia".
> And my own cranky sub-headline - "Web reaches previously unfathomable level of suck". 
> I can see it now - sites everywhere will be blind-linking to 100 meg PDFs chock full of embedded crap-Flash. Can you tell I've had nothing but problems with both? I'm definitely not a fan.

Flash movies and PDFs suffer just as much from "bad use" as HTML,
Javascript, Java applets, inline audio/video, etc.  If used *well*, they are
fantastic assets to both the web developer and the web content provider.
Used *badly* ... well, one look at any Flash-heavy, blinky lights,
no-content site and you can see the lineage traced back to when <blink>,
100+ anim GIFs and using Mandelbrots for background images were the "norm"
for badly designed sites.

The technology is great, it just needs great content builders and developers
behind it.

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