[thechat] The Boat Saga Continues

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu May 5 14:37:28 CDT 2005

Hi Gang,

Dang it's been quiet around here.  <shrug />

Anyway, I've still been looking into the 'boat thang'.

Last weekend my 'mean old wife' took me out for a test drive ... in 
the boat I want.

Didja catch the careful, yet subtle choice of wording above?

I didn't say ... in the 'sensible' boat.
I didn't say ... in the 'easily affordable & storable' boat.
I said ... in the boat 'I want'.

Man, that's just plain cruel!

Imagine spending an hour on an absolutely beautiful day driving around 
in a brand new, mid level, Mercedes convertible with the top down.  Got 
the picture? There's a big ole smile on your face, right?

Okay ... now picture leaving the dealership and trying to get pumped up 
about going to see a rusty '96 Taurus that some kid has hacksawed the 
roof off of.

Man, that's just plain cruel!

The (currently boatless) skipper ... RonL.

(Who'll be out test driving one of those Taurus' this weekend.)

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