[thechat] Dangerous Elevators!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri May 20 08:55:47 CDT 2005

<explanatory intro />

Soooo ... I was helping watch the little ones the other night while
parents went downtown to an Astros game. For once, the twins were
all over *me* ... instead of 'Nana'.  That was nice.  ;-)

But, on the downside, this left me a captive audience forced to watch 
endless hours of Strawberry Shortcake videos while they sat quietly next

to me.  Eahhhhhh!  Man, there ought to be a warning on those things!!
I mean, hey, I actually *like* anime ... but these things? ... Eahhhhh!

<the story />

Soooo ... A few minutes ago I took the elevator downstairs to have a 
cigarette.  When the elevator doors opened, there was a woman in pink. 
No. I take that back. There was a woman in P*I*N*K!!!  It was like - 
BAM - right between the eyes pink. Pink sweater. Pink blouse. Pink 
patterned skirt.  Just Pink!  A whole lot. A whole lot of PINK!!

And all I could think was ........ 

"Strawberry?  What happened to your hat, Strawberry?"

Damn ... biting my cheeks for seven floors really hurts.

There ought to be a warning on those dang videos!


(Oh yeah, like I'm gonna be able to do _anything_ productive now.)

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