[thechat] Dangerous Elevators!

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri May 20 11:27:37 CDT 2005

> > And all I could think was ........ 
> > 
> > "Strawberry?  What happened to your hat, Strawberry?"
> > 
> > There ought to be a warning on those dang videos!
> My daughter is hooked on SSC.  I feel your pain.

"That girl's so sweet, just like her name--
Str-str-str-str-strawberry, strawberry shortcake"
Try singing it like Axel Rose whenever they watch it. 

Worked at my house, now they're into Pokemon.

Which is even more fun, heh,
"Dad, VixaRubin has 130 hit points..."
"NixonFlubin? RixaVubin? TubalLigatiaNubin?"
"NO! Dad! Eeaargh!"

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