Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon May 23 16:42:12 CDT 2005

Hi Gang,

Sorry ... Not an interesting 419 scam.

Instead, an [almost legit] Friday business opportunity!

I was emailing a friend of mine who is at home, ill, today ... and he 
wrote me back. Now, being one of those 'young' IM generation types, 
(you know who you are) his spelling isn't the greatest. (If you have 
seen _any_ IM communication, then ......... u no whut i meen!)

Anyway, his heart was in the right place, (attempting to quote a Chuck 
Berry tune), but what he actually wrote was "Che la Vie".

Heh. Sorry, that is still cracking me up.  

It conjures up this wonderful mental image of Che Guevara's face 
at a Bacchanalian feast!  Delightfully playful ... and yet still 
possessing the ability to tweak noses and piss off serious faux-
revolutionary types! A great combination!

Unfortunately ... I have trouble drawing stick people.

Anybody interested in drawing Che's face on Bacchus? (or Dionysus - 
depending on whether your inclinations run to Roman or Greek) ... I 
suspect it would need to be drawn rather than 'shopped' in order to 
avoid copyright issues.  We could split the proceeds on CafePress?  
It would make a great T-shirt!


(Curses! LOFT [1] Foils my plans Again!)

[1] Lack Of F-ing Talent

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