[thechat] Pet Hate

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Tue May 24 05:44:24 CDT 2005

Ian Anderson wrote:
> Hi from rainy England,
> I was reflecting this morning about a pet hate of mine, which is this:
> Someone calls to visit. You naturally offer them a cup of tea. The 
> danger is that instead of a straight Yes or No, they may say:
> "If you're having one..."

> I am 38 years old - is this a factor? Can anyone suggest a more graceful 
> way of handling this social dilemma?

well, they don't actually mean they'll only have one if you do, so just 
make them a cup anyway, without making yourself one.

If they're polite enough to only accept a cup if it's not too much 
trouble (the "if you're having one")  then they won't be as impolite to 
ask why you're not having a cup...

now my pet hate is when I'm asked if I'd like a carrier bag and I find 
my self saying "yes, if you have one...."

(of course they have a carrier bag, otherwise they wouldn't be asking!)


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