[thechat] Pet Hate

Stephane Deschamps stephane.deschamps at gmail.com
Wed May 25 14:44:31 CDT 2005

On 5/25/05, Sabrina Dent, Apperception wrote:
> While I'm with you on the broad point, I reject the idea that "not at all"
> is an inappropriate response to "thank you." Likewise, I think "no problem"
> would be perfectly fine in casual conversation. I am not suggesting that we
> treat our friends less politely than strangers but that our language can be
> less formal. Why not?

As a french guy I've always found it quite difficult to pronounce
"you're welcome" in a casual enough fashion.
I just sound like Anthony Hopkins in The remains of the day.

So when I heard people saying 'no problem' whether as a reply to
'thank you' or as to 'sorry', I adopted it quickly. So maybe it's also
a matter of 'sayability'.

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