[thechat] London in June, anyone?

Stephane Deschamps stephane.deschamps at gmail.com
Wed May 25 14:47:29 CDT 2005

So. It's official, I'll be at atmedia2005 and since I'm arriving on
the 8th of June, I was wondering if some evolter would walk me around
the city, maybe to eat a bit, and surely to drink some real Guinness.

A unique chance to hear me say "you're welcome" when someone says
"thank you"! :)

(by the way I'll be in London for three days, but I'm suspectiing
there's going to be something organised by the atmedia folks on the
9th, and the 10th I'm leaving at seven, so maybe I'll have time for a
parting draught Guinness before my 7-o'clock train).


Stephane Deschamps
personal: http://nota-bene.org/
org: http://evolt.org/
french org: http://pompage.net/

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