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Tue May 31 03:50:13 CDT 2005

Hi there,

I was trying to post a couple of jobs on evolt.org the other day, but apparently
the move is not yet complete. after a number of years of pleasant stay and
participation here at Evolt, I have been away for couple of months now. So I'm
not sure what the latest status with the move is. I figured that my e-mail at
hand is much more relevant to thechat than to thelist, so here it goes.

We need some additions to our growing team - mostly in our London and Tallinn
locations. In London we need a web editor, a range of managers, analysts and
usability people. In Tallinn we need a bunch of technical people (who either
live here or are willing to re-locate to Tallinn) - web developers, sql miners,
testers, hardcore backend programmers, customer support, usability people and UI
developers. Plus we need business people in Korea, Japan, Poland, Germany and

Evolt is the place where I would most like to see some of my new co-workers
coming from - have had some quality time with the professional and excellent
people here.

We are looking for quite a few people, so I will not list all of them here,
other than briefly mentioning them above. Check out the various jobs pages for
 * http://www.skype.com/company/jobs/london/
 * http://www.skype.com/company/jobs/tallinn/
 * http://www.skype.com/company/jobs/

With over 40 million users, 3 million online users at all times, almost 10
billion minutes talked using Skype, countless IM-s and a growth range that
would put manufactory of iPods to shame, it really is a place like very few
others out there. Contributing to a product, where you can design solutions
that scale well, exercise some proper optimization and actually have an excuse
for it, is what most developers, testers and business people only dream about!
The backgrounds of people here vary - many come from big corporations, some come
from hardcore banking systems, others from interesting niche backgrounds and
absolutely everybody is professional in what they do. The desire to get things
done and get them done properly is a common denominator of all of us. The team
is excellent and very much multicultural like Evolt is (at Skype, we have
people from Great Britan, Estonia, US, Sweden, Germany, France, Canada, Russia
etc)! There is still quite a bit of work to be done, so maybe I'll see you at
the next company event ;)

Also, in addition to myself, some words from other Skype employees, about how
the like it here:
 * http://www.skype.com/company/jobs/insiderview/engineering.html

Lauri Väin

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