[thechat] Ping

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jun 23 16:59:35 CDT 2005

Scott Dexter noted:

>>Hi Ron [big wave] !!

Back atcha!  (Natch!)

>>I'm a big bicycle-drooler these days. Riding my first 
>>(imperial) century on July 24. Whee!

Very Nice!  100 miles, eh?  ... Minimum sweat!!   ;-)

Cool looking jersey! ... Then again ... for $63 - it oughtta be!

You sure 'bout that date?  Maybe I'm on the wrong site - New River 
Valley Bicycle Assoc outta Blacksburg, Virginia?  [Sorry - can't 
remember zactly where you zipped off to.] Their website seems to 
show 'easy' rides for July 24 ... with the 100 mile 'century' 
slated for August 20.

Anyway ... Have a great ride!!  


(Who will be putting in considerable less than 100 miles on the 
treadmill tonight!)

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