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Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Jun 24 10:01:31 CDT 2005

Scott Dexter noted:

>>I'm in Richmond, and the ride is the Powhatan Tour de Vin, in 
>>conjunction with their wine festival:

Whoa!  Sounds nice.  The 'historic rest stops' bit sounds especially 
neat.  Should be some very pretty countryside there!

Any recommendations for Virginia wines?  (We're currently finishing 
off the last of a very nice case we brought back from Grapevine about 
2 months ago. The Johannisberg Riesling was especially yummy!)   
[Sez Ron who is excitied about the recent US Supreme Court decision 
that is expected to 'open up' the shipping regulations for wine 
transport in the US!]

>>I'm thinking of the Blue Ridge Extreme as well, though only the 
>>metric (100Km, 62mi) because 8000+ft of climbing just scares me 

Bah! Remember ... What doesn't kill you -- only leaves you crippled 
and embittered for life! ... No ... Wait ... (Well, it was something 
like that anyway.)

The 'half metric century' sounded kinda nice.

>>Cycling has officially replaced hockey, though I still strap the 
>>skates on once a week. I'm riding 80-120mi/week, and loving every 
>>minute of it :)

Super!  (It's good exercise ... and ... if you ride like that guy 
in "American Flyer" ... You still get to hit people!  YES!!)


I don't do much riding anymore.  Ever since my infamous 'X-Games 
Incident' the bikes have kinda been rotting away in the garage.

I have started working out again though.  Been on a fairly serious 
regimen for about 4 months now.  Starting to see some results.

>>Are you (still) 'round these parts?

We're still in Houston.  I've started volunteering at the zoo here. 
Still looking to retire to Lake Travis over in Austin ... eventually. 
(But I gotta get that fancy boat first!)  ;-)

Keep Pedaling ... They may be gaining on you!   ;-)


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