Anime Junk - wuz RE: [thechat] Ping

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Fri Jun 24 12:56:49 CDT 2005

Aardvark noted:

>>wow, haven't heard of that one in forever...

Yeah, I'm still playing 'catch up' ... Lots and lots of 'classics' 
I haven't seen yet ... As well as trying to keep up with some of 
the newer stuff ... So feel free to toss over a recommendation 
if you run across any gems!

>>incidentally, since i've fallen out of the anime loop, anyone know 
>>if they're ever going to release Area 88 on DVD?

Hmmmm ... Don't know that one, but it looks like some of it (2 DVDs) 
are available at the moment:

Pretty decent review:



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