[thechat] Ping

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 12 15:20:00 CDT 2005

(Yes, I'm that much a lurker these days, sorry)

> Any recommendations for Virginia wines?  (We're currently finishing

I've not made my way around the local wines too much (being more a
beer/liquor drinker), but I do like the Stone Mountain's white table
wine --

Very luscious, wet, and sweet.

> I have started working out again though.  Been on a fairly serious 
> regimen for about 4 months now.  Starting to see some results.


I just got back from 12 days in Texas (Dallas for the 4th, Port
Aransas for a guys' weekend), and basically took a 2-month step
backwards :/ ...

> >>Are you (still) 'round these parts?
> We're still in Houston.  I've started volunteering at the zoo here.

Well what in tarnate made me think you were in this area (NC)? oops.
Bob's still in San Antonio, right? [shaking head] Man, too many miles

> Still looking to retire to Lake Travis over in Austin ...
> eventually. 
> (But I gotta get that fancy boat first!)  ;-)

oooh, I'd be veery willing to come help out any way I can :D

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